Most modern cars are equipped with an on-board electronic control unit (ECU), which collects data from all electronic sensors and governs the operations of all vehicle’s systems, including peripheral devices, transmission, brakes, fuel system, air intake, exhaust and, of course, an engine.

Operation modes of all of these systems are stored in ECU memory as encrypted tables and cannot be significantly altered by car owner or service station worker without professional equipment, including flashers, Autotuner Tool is one of the most popular flasher solutions with many useful features.

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What Flashers Do

Flashers are the tuning solutions that allow retrieving files from ECU memory, decoding them, displaying their contents, making alterations to these files, encrypting them, making checksum corrections and writing adjusted files back to ECU memory. In most cases, flashers are hardware-software complexes, but some of them are just software packages that require the usage of adapters.

Autotuner Tool

Autotuner Tool is a professional chip-tuning solution that consists of software and hardware modules. It can be shipped in two editions – Autotuner Tool Master and Autotuner Tool Slave. The main difference between these two editions lies in their functionality – Master edition can decrypt and encrypt ECU flash files, read them from ECU memory and write them back to the on-board computer of the car, while Slave edition can only read already decrypted files and write only already encrypted files.

Several Slave tools can be linked to a single Master tool through the network. In this configuration, all the necessary adjustments are made with the Master software, than the files are encrypted and sent to all connected Slave Autotuner Tools, which can write them to ECU’s of several cars. This makes Autotuner Tool an excellent decision for tuning workshops, where several cars have to be tuned simultaneously.

Autotuner Tool is compatible with most modern ECU’s, including popular models, made by Bosch, Marelli, Siemens, Hitachi, Continental and ZF.

Autotuner Tool has a notable advantage over other competing flasher solutions – this tool requires no subscription and does not need any tokens to write files to ECU memory. This means that a number of tuning operations, performed by a single Autotuner Tool Master edition, are unlimited, and the features of Slave edition are only limited by the availability of Master solution.