For gamblers, who are increasingly becoming conscious about the risks involved in gambling, the proliferation of betting and gambling sites on the Internet raises many questions. How safe are non gamstop betting sites for uk players, which are not registered with GamCare? What security measures are adopted by the gambling operators to ensure the security of players? The answers to all these questions and more will be revealed in this article.

Firstly, it is vital to know that whether or not the websites have been licensed by the Gaming Commission of India. It is the commission's duty to license any gambling site that operates within Indian territory. If the commission finds that the particular site has not been licensed by the government, it would be in violation of the law and its services are banned. The commission enforces the law in the best interest of the gaming public. Most of these betting sites are not licensed to make deposits at casinos.

Secondly, one must also be aware of the fact that not all the websites which are found on the Internet are licensed to provide online gambling facilities. There are sites which are merely set up as intermediaries for players. They make deposits, transfer money and play online games for the players. These sites are not registered with the Gambling Commission of India.

The betting websites not registered with Gamcare are known as "self-exclusions". Such a site allows players to deposit, withdrawal and transfer money as they please without being registered with the Commission. The players pay commission and commissions on the basis of the amount wagered and the type of game played. The self-exclusions, if not properly monitored, allow cheating and blackjack frauds.

Most of the self-exclusion systems have been registered with the UGC since 2001. The UGC is the regulatory body which controls the functioning of the gaming and gambling industries in India. There are many government authorized autonomous organizations in India, which regulate the activities of gaming and gambling institutions. The Gaming Commission of India is one of such autonomous organizations of India, which supervises the functioning of the UGC and other authorized Indian gaming and gambling industries. Not only the UGC but all the autonomous organizations of India are completely dedicated to ensuring that the players and betters have the right to play and win at any online gambling site that they wish to. The players and gaming enthusiasts can register with any site of their choice free of any charges and without any obligations.

Most of the self-exclusion systems are designed by the professional designers and programmers who are qualified experts in the field of online casinos. The designers and developers have always maintained a fine line between gaming and betting. The casinos offer a varied collection of games and gambling options so that the players can choose the option that suits them the best. So the players can now play their favorite game for free without thinking about the outcome.