No matter how you criticize Mass Effect, it's still boring to live without a gallant commander, his erotic friends and girlfriends and marches across the desert worlds. It was an epic, lifelong adventure set in a universe nearly as thoughtful as the Star Wars galaxy. Why, even without the ending of the trilogy, be it wrong three times, and there is really nothing to spit at. That's why Mass Effect: Andromeda are millions - do not play, so even argue from the heart, if it will continue to deal adequately Zeschuk (Gregory Zeschuk) and Muzika (Ray Muzyka). We've gathered important information about sci-fi RPG in development and are ready to share it.

The game takes place in the same universe, but without any plot links to the cruises of the ship "Normandy". In the year 2185, exactly between the events of the second and third parts of the trilogy, four intelligent races launch the Nexus Ark into space with scientists, researchers and colonists on board. According to the number of peoples, the ark is divided into autonomous modules - human, turian, salarian and asari ship. For all members of the expedition, this is a one-way journey: in six hundred years, the Nexus must reach the Andromeda galaxy in order to find habitable planets with resources in it and establish the first settlements there.

However, players, as well as BioWare , are most interested in what happens there with the human part of the Andromeda project. Ark of our species is named "Hyperion", and directs them to a ranger Alec Rider, voiced the harshest overseer Redemption Clancy Brown (Clancy Brown). By the way, Ryder is the same individual in a spacesuit with the N7 emblem, who is on the bridge of the ship in the announcement trailer from the E3 exhibition. In addition to the same people, he also commands the krogan, who have not found the funds for their own ark, so they share the ship with the native earthlings. However, they won't be allowed to play for Alec.

Instead, a new Mass Effectwill offer a choice between two offspring of the tracker - Scott and Sarah, whose appearance can be influenced both through the settings of their father's appearance, and individually. It is one of them who will survive all those adventures on exotic planets that the developers promise us. However, for the episodes of the series, it is not the gender or appearance of the hero that is more important, but his personality and relationships with the surrounding characters. And no matter how vulnerable BioWare products are to criticism , the company is masterful in this part of the works.

Shepard, of course, is a son of a bitch, but he is our son of a bitch. The same, albeit with some reservations, can be said about his female incarnation. He is initially a ready-made hero who does not need to prove anything: you willingly empathize with him, get involved in his friendly and romantic adventures - even if instead they offer to shoot bottles. About cockroaches in the heads of Scott and Sarah practically nothing is known, except for the many times the wheel of dialogues and the gameplay already seen in Mass Effect 2 , when you need to help one of the colleagues in exchange for a relationship or strong loyalty. "It never happened, and here it is again": same-sex love is attached.

Of the hero's partners (or heroine - as anyone likes), the developers focused on two: Peebee and Liam . Although the first belongs to the asari race, due to the abolition of the previous classes, it is no longer necessary to make biotics out of it, an analogue of the sorcerer - as experience is gained, the characters of Mass Effect: Andromeda can be imparted with any skills. But Peebee has certain character traits from the start: she is interested in technology and personally in Ryder. The second known partner is former cop Liam, who is equally eager to joke and kill enemies.

Hundreds of years in cryocapsules - and here it is, an alien galaxy, or rather the Helius cluster in its backyard. Like any other colonists, the inhabitants of the Hyperion Ark and the crew of the Tempest ship are faced with unknown life forms, an inhospitable environment, aborigines far from the culture of earthlings and the need to use local resources for their needs. Travel from planet to planet is furnished here in the manner of the original trilogy, but the universe of "Andromeda" is much larger than the Milky Way, where Shepard repelled the attack of the Reapers, so there is a wide scope for discoveries.

Yes, and aboard the "Tempest", as they assuredus developers, comfort has arrived: now there are no lifts and loadings, but the same opportunities for heavy conversations and light petting in the compartments. The only question is: will a salarian pilot be able to burn with a verb at the level of the Joker? Salarians are so boring...

So that the characters could move faster on the surface of the worlds, the armored car "Mako" was returned to the series, only now it is called "Nomad" and is intended purely for driving. That is, without guns on the hull, but it will be allowed to be painted and tuned, and it will be much more convenient to race on it, given that the creators of Need for Speed are responsible for the behavior of the transport . And outside the all-terrain vehicle, jetpacks help the heroes jump from cliff to cliff. The planets themselves, where research is to be conducted, are no longer limited to locations for shootouts: they have become larger, and each, according to BioWare , has its own flora and fauna. The authors of No Man's Sky promised about the same , but they failed. Let's see if more experienced developers achieve this goal.

In addition to the creatures trembling in the new galaxy, there are also representatives of intelligent races - those who have the right. Here you can see the conceptual difference between Mass Effect: Andromeda and the original trilogy: there we protect our home from the invasion of aliens, but here we ourselves are aliens and climb into a strange monastery with our charter, so it is not surprising that local races feel hostility towards people. At least the representatives of the kett - those very fearful people with a bone halo over their heads - behave aggressively. Whether they will become enemies specifically of Scott or Sarah Ryder is a separate question, but their dislike for intruders is evident.

Another intelligent race of the galaxy, Andromeda, is present in the game so far in absentia - these are the ancient remnants. They supposedly completely died out (here it is appropriate to recall the DLC with Proteanin), but they left samples of technologies like the familiar mass repeaters and other gizmos received by earthlings for beautiful eyes. Judging by the gameplay demonstration, a lot of intrigue, epic scenes and battles are associated with the ruins of the remnant civilization and the mechanisms left after them in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Many, of course, are interested in what is there in multiplayer. In short, it was created in the image and likeness of the network battles from Mass Effect 3 : here you cannot change the course of the plot, but you can gain experience and credits, and by setting the modifier to the weak health of the characters, you can also increase the reward. On multiplayer maps, players work together as the Nexus' assault team. BioWare

employees are in no hurry to give a general plan for the role-playing game, getting off with obvious nuances like friendly missions or using dynamic cover in battles. So the stakes are high on the plot: it's understandable - the scriptwriters need to somehow rehabilitate themselves after Dragon Age: Inquisition... And what exactly “Andromeda” will amaze us with - we will find out in the spring of 2017, when the release is scheduled ( presumably - March 21 ). Although today there is an opportunity to pre-order, the registration for the multiplayer beta test is open and the features of the editions have been published , it is still too early to make a purchase decision.