You finally returned to the ground level. The base itself is quite large, but there will be only one main path leading to your current destination. I would recommend you from time to time to leave the main road to find new equipment and hack the security terminals. Start using the stairs. Left from you there is a small building [# 49], and you should consider it. Inside you are waiting for supplies, as well as the first terminal. I strongly recommend that you start hacking the terminals, because it will allow you to close next (not everything!) Security towers.

Exit the building and check the area behind it. It is extremely important that you are re-box. In addition to the ammunition and short notes with new orders, you will also acquire the Tesla Gun. This is definitely one of the most powerful weapons in the game, and, obviously, you must start using it right now. If you spend a lot of time to study the caches and plunder bodies, you should have enough cartridges for your new toy. Use the gun to attack enemies from a long distance, because in the melee you risk getting injuries yourself.

You can start with the destruction of several safety towers using the Tesla gun. On the turret can be found on the roofs of some of the nearby buildings. Thus, you can easily score experience points, and you do not have to worry about the fact that the turret opened fire. You should also know that in most cases one strike will be more than enough to destroy the goal.

Continue to move north, however, beware of enemies armed with flamethroughs. You may encounter them very soon, and despite the fact that you think their weapon will also be effective from large distances. The main reason is that they use upgraded versions of flamethos that run some fiery balls. As a result, you will have to focus on their elimination as soon as possible, especially if your armor does not provide good protection against fire. You should also know that you will enter the sector with new turbors. Travel to northeast. Find a large container and enter it to find a computer terminal. You can use the terminal to disable the new set of turvers.

Exit the container as soon as you disconnect the new basic protection, turn left and use the [# 53] staircase to get to the roof of the nearby building. Be sure to destroy a pair of turrets on the way to make it easy to earn experience points. Be careful because the enemy soldiers may be below your position. Enter the container as soon as possible and locate the computer terminal to disable the new set of turrets. Meanwhile, Vertiterd may arrive north. I would recommend you to destroy the aircraft before it deploys new troops, and this can be done with a fat man. , log in to Frank slot casino! Casino sign up mirror on our site!