"The doubles are worth applying if:

- the opponents are equally strong
- a weak, but motivated team is playing a favourite
- the visitors are slightly stronger, but occasionally lose in another team's league
- The players of the home team are tired after the last match
- favourite is poorly motivated, the contest is going on without its key players.
- The leader plays against a middle-ranked team with a solid defence

In order to pick the right matches you have to learn how to analyze underdog teams, but to do so you should download betwinner app india. It is from them that you sometimes don't expect "surprises" that lead bettors to reduce the pot.

Overestimating favourites is a common extremity for beginners and ordinary sports fans. It can be saved by the same analysis of sports events and a reasonable safety net of 1X/12/2X.

Be careful with the first round of cups and championships. The early stages are not the best time to put your best foot forward. The athletes lack motivation and this has a negative effect on the outcome of a match. Or they are in a poor physical condition and have trouble understanding each other because of the new faces. It is better to place your bets in the second round, when the teams are working together and the battle for the place of honour has begun. At that time it is easier to predict the outcome of the event.

"Doubles" can be a safety net when betting on underdogs. There are often situations where a strong will to win leads them to at least a draw. A relegated club from the bottom of the standings can surprise with a number of goals, even at home ground. These matches can be selected specifically to use the motivation of the underdogs to raise the pot. Their odds for 1X/2X are always higher.