American Blackjack

At first, this game was extremely popular in Nevada, only it was called "20 One". At that time, casinos were eager to lure as many guests as possible, so they invented various additional rewards and prizes. For example, the lucky one who fell Blackjack (Jack of spades), the winnings are paid at odds of 10:1. Ravnomely game became extremely popular, and additional prizes have ceased to be vital to the casino, but Blackjack is well remembered by players, and this title is firmly entrenched in the game.

American blackjack has different versions of the game, they differ in the number of playing decks and dealer's actions at the "soft 17. The most popular games are Vegas strip blackjack and Atlantic City.

Tactics for different variants of the game

If you like American blackjack, you'll want to be prepared for an aggressive game (you'll find the dealer's 21 available at once).

With the European game, you don't depend on a hidden card, so you'll be able to choose a conservative style.

For example, you have 11 points in your hand, and the dealer has 10. If you're playing the American version, you already have to multiply your bet, because you already understand that the dealer won't have a "blackjack", but in the European version of the game, you can simply ask for another card.

European Blackjack

The birthplace of blackjack is considered to be Italy. The Italian priest and Franciscan missionary Bernadino of Siena first mentioned the game in one of his 1440 sermons, after which thousands of dice and cards were burned.

Almost all the great men of history were famous for their love of the game. For example, Napoleon was not only an outstanding military leader, but also an excellent card player. During his exile, he filled his evenings playing blackjack, leaving his rivals empty-handed.

The differences between American and Euro blackjack

It's not uncommon for European and American residents to have their gambling rules adjusted; blackjack hasn't escaped this fate either. For example, the American version uses some definitions from American soccer. If you're a player seated to the left of the dealer, then your seat will be called 1st base, while a player seated to the right will be called 3rd base.

In any type of blackjack, a player should aim for a higher total of points than the dealer, but not more than 21. However, if you study the game in more detail, you will find that European and American blackjack have some differences.