The West is the second browser game released by the German Innogames Studio. Their first Tribal Wars game (Plemiona) won the hearts of millions of players around the world.

The West throws a player in the world of the Wild West, straight from American westerns. We take control of your character and just try to survive. When we first enter the game, Todd O'reili welcomes us, who is a kind of instructor in the game. On the main game screen of the game displays a world map with six locations. In the role of the player, we must go through all the training step by step to learn the basics of the game.

Pressing tasks, we move to the salon, where NPC characters will appoint numerous missions to us. Henry Walker - Barman, whose very beginning will be the most quests for us. We immediately learn the rules of fighting in the West, which consist of eight rounds, where in each of them we will be able to attack and defend it. The next step in the manual will collect a certain amount of tobacco. The rest of the leadership will show us different tasks, how to scare birds, how to cut sheep and how to fish, but each occupation requires special skills.

In the browser game The West, the tasks are given to us game currency, experience and other useful items. Each new level gives us three points of skills, as well as one point characteristics. Our main characteristics are power, mobility, charisma and agility. Each of our skills should be studied by us before proceeding to perform a particular task, for example, swimming is necessary for fishing.

The West is not a very difficult game, and all of our actions reflect ordinary graphics, we know such a system from games such as Gladiatus or Bitefight. However, here we have a choice of classes while we start playing from the basic, we can go to one of the four classes already at the tenth level. In addition, each class has its own unique properties, such as the speed of moving on the map.

The time required to achieve a certain place on the map is indicated in the preview, so we more or less know how long it takes this action, and we can easily play anything else, waiting for the return of our hero. We can put the tasks in the queue if you are the owners of a premium account.

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