Hall Of Fame

  • Spirit

    2018 Inductee

    We need to give all the time in the world to Duncan Spirit Busto and the impact he had on this music. No one will replace this man and what he gave to the scene. Musically and ethically; he put EVERYTHING into what he did. If you had any interaction with him over the years, you’ll know just how dedicated, enthusiastic and funny this man was.

    And the immense talent he possessed. Duncan truly knew the dark art of drum & bass. One minute he could cause a riot, the next he’d have you stopping in your tracks. A true craftsman, it’s heart-breaking that these words even need to be said…

    This man blessed the scene. His passing in August of 2018 came as a heavy blow and many of us are still healing. Rest in peace Spirit.

  • MC GQ

    2018 Inductee

    The mighty GQ – a man who has given drum & bass and jungle THE most consistent voice since day dot.

    A true heavyweight to the scene, he can control crowds with the strength of an army, and back in the days of AWOL he could do it for eight hours straight…

    A quintessential host who can toast, sing, double time, flow… He wrote the MC blueprint and he’s inspired and brought through so many names in the game we’d be here until new year listing them all. And not just as an MC, too… His label Emcee Recordings was responsible for early cuts from the likes of Clipz, Jubei and Sabre.

    One of the most genuine talents and figures we have in this scene – please salute the absolute legend that is GQ.

  • Marcus Intalex

    2017 Inductee

    Involved with 100% dedication, passion and absolute clarity since day one, Marcus helped to shape the beautiful scene and culture we have now. Not just in his music, but also in his actions and his unfailing support and encouragement behind the scenes. Drum & bass and his home city Manchester wouldn’t have the voice and energy it does now without Marcus’s consistency and energy and drive. He will forever be missed. RIP.

  • Randall

    2016 Inductee

    Too hot to handle, it’s the DJ Randall.

    The most recent entrant into our Hall Of Fame and frequently cited by Andy C, Friction, Mampi and any artist who graduated from AWOL or Blue Note universities as one of their most critical influences, we are all aware of Randall’s position and influence.

    To many this man IS drum & bass. His dedication and reputation as a DJ is unparalleled. His style has officially inspired the biggest DJs the scene has ever known.

    Unless your name is Grooverider he DEFINITELY has more dubs than you. With his deep, long rolls and crafty double drops you might say he moves at Mac 2 speed… He’s Forest Gate’s finest and now represents in the wild west of Bristol.

    He’s the answer whenever anyone asks who’s the daddy, he’s not just the DJ’s DJ but DJ’s DJ’s DJ. With a career spanning 25+ years, Randall is the true definition of a legend, and still one of the hardest-working figures in the game. Maximum respect.

  • Diane Charlemagne

    2015 Inductee

    Diane Charlemagne began her career as the lead singer of 1980s funk band, 52nd Street, later going on to front the Urban Cookie Collective with whom she achieved 2 UK Top 10 hits in the 90s.

    Charlemagne provided the vocal for Goldie’s “Inner City Life” in ’95 and for many she was the first voice of jungle and one of the scene’s most celebrated vocalists, also working with the likes of High Contrast. S.P.Y, Netsky and more.

    One of the scene’s truest voices and down to earth individuals, she understood the cause and encouraged the best out of everyone who worked with her, right up until her tragic death in October of 2015.

    Her music will ensure she will never be forgotten, and for her immense contribution to music we were honoured to pay our own special tribute to Diane and her family by inducting her into our Hall Of Fame.

  • Mampi Swift

    2015 Inductee

    The very definition of a legend, Mampi Swift is acknowledged as one of the key DJs who helped shape and develop drum & bass from its earliest hardcore roots AND its full-strength, uncompromising, highly technical mixing style – a technique he remains revered for to this very day.

    As a producer he’s blessed us with some the grizzliest, savage basslines and rave sounds we’ve ever heard through some of the very best labels imaginable including Playaz, SOUR, Suburban Bass, Integral, RAM Records and Breakbeat Kaos.

    As a label owner he’s also played a key role in the careers of Fresh, Blame, Heist and Friction. 25 years deep into the game and still on top of it – Mampi Swift is a true originator, and took his rightful place in the Drum&BassArena Hall of Fame in 2015.

  • Fabio

    2014 Inductee

    Having been around for over 2 decades, Fabio has acquired legendary status for good reason. Starting his career as a Pirate Radio dj in the mid 80’s his style evolved with the various musical genres Dub, Rare Groove, Hip Hop, Disco to early House, Jungle and Drum and Bass. It’s a credit to him that after all these years he remains at the top of his game.

  • Dillinja

    2013 Inductee

    Regarded as the most forward-thinking, agenda-setting producer drum & bass has ever spawned. Active in the game for over 20 years, to this day Dillinja remains one of the most referenced men in the dark art of production. His basslines are recognised as beyond-next-level and his muscular, mind-bending production dynamics inspired an entire generation of producers. A killer selector and a real life sonic scientist…. He’s been engineering bespoke soundsystems since he was 14, including the one and only Valve Soundsystem. Dillinja’s position in the Drum&BassArena Hall Of Fame is well deserved!

  • Grooverider

    2012 Inductee

    One of the earliest DJs to recognise the creative breeding ground when breakbeats were thrown into the hardcore and techno genres, Grooverider is one of the scene’s most recognisable ambassadors. Via Prototype Records he provided a solid platform for artists such as Ed Rush, Optical, Lemon D, Photek and Bad Company.

    A selector with true distinction. A tastemaker with a capital taste, this man is just as relaxed on the airwaves chatting to millions as he is spinning dubs in every reputable nightclub and dancehall on this planet.

  • Friction

    2011 Inductee

    Aside from his production and A&R skills, it is Friction’s formidable talent behind the decks that has brought him worldwide acclaim.

    His full-spectrum sets bridge the gap from deep to banging, from nasty to soulful, earning him legions of fans and one of the busiest DJ schedules in the game.

    His Shogun Audio label has become a ground-breaking and innovative stable for forward-thinking artists like Icicle, Alix Perez, Spectrasoul & Rockwell.

    Together they have forged a diverse yet truly unique sound, and so the original Shogun Assassin joins the Hall of Fame.

  • Hype

    2010 Inductee

    DJ Hype is a true pioneer. From the days of Shut Up And Dance and Heatwave Soundsystem, battling in the DMCs in the 80s, he has become one of the most exciting drum & bass DJs in the world, famed for mixing up all styles in high energy sets full of mad scratching and double drops.

    His Playaz label has been a leading force in drum & bass for over a decade, home to the likes of Pascal, Hazard, Original Sin and Prolix.

  • Goldie

    2009 Inductee

    Metalheadz chief, DJ, producer, bboy, graffiti artist, Hollywood actor, TV personality, the hyper-creative Goldie is a force to be reckoned with.

    From iconic track Terminator back in 1993, via the ‘Timeless’ album which was hailed as a masterpiece and the legendary Sunday Sessions at the Blue Note, Goldie has constantly pushed the boundaries of jungle drum and bass.

    Metalheadz continues to be a stable for forward-thinking, innovative dnb whilst Goldie is recognised as a influential maverick who has left an indelible mark on the world of drum & bass.

  • Andy C

    2009 Inductee

    Crowned Best DJ in the Drum&BassArena awards for several years in a row, amongst a host of other accolades, Andy C is one of the most revered, successful drum & bass DJ’s of all time.

    Relentless as a DJ, travelling the globe week in, week out as well as releasing the highly acclaimed Nightlife series, he is also an accomplished producer.

    Tracks like ‘Body Rock’ and the all-time classic ‘Valley of the Shadows’ have become infamous among DJs and fans alike, with Andy joining forces with Shimon, and with Ant Miles as Origin Unknown.

    Having released these influential tunes back in the day, Andy C’s award-winning RAM Records is now also home to a new breed of d&b talent, including the likes of Sub Focus, Loadstar, Culture Shock, Wilkinson, Delta Heavy and Hamilton.

  • Kemistry

    2009 Inductee

    As co-founder of Metalheadz alongside Goldie and Storm, Kemistry helped to pave the way not only for female DJs but for drum and bass as a whole.

    Kemistry and Storm were a formidable DJ duo, laying down fondly-remembered sets that were at once deep and energetic.

    A true ambassador for the scene as well as the highly influential label, Kemistry’s relentless enthusiasm and passion for the music are remembered as much as her skills as a selector.

  • Stevie Hyper D

    2009 Inductee

    Widely recognised as one of the pioneers of double-time chat in jungle drum & bass, Stevie Hyper D helped to elevate the profile of the MC beyond host to that that of lyricist.

    Hyper D was a charismatic, energetic MC, famed for his originality, versatility and catchphrase “Junglists, are you ready?!”

    He sadly passed away in 1998, but this icon of drum & bass has gone on to influence and inspire countless MCs that have followed.