UK casinos are being asked to temporarily allow online gambling Land-based casinos in the UK are being forced to close to prevent further spread of the coronovirus. But it makes them lose a lot of money every day, and it is not known how long it will take for the epidemic to subside. Gambling establishments are already crying out to the state for financial help. But there is another way out. Allow online gambling.  Today only a few states allow online casinos. But in such an emergency, the industry would greatly benefit from some form of temporary permission to operate online. This is what representatives of the gambling industry are in favor of. Proponents of such measures do not believe that this would be the solution, but because of the closures, they need to have access to the Internet. On this topic, a gambling program could become mandatory in Maryland schools That way, some of the losses could be recouped. Obviously, the demand for online casinos would increase, and the revenue would simply go to establishments that operate illegally in the UK Alternatively, land-based establishments could be allowed to convert their halls into studios with live streaming of games. Although this option can no longer be called reliable. For example, according to some reports, Playtech were forced to close their live casino studio in the Philippines because of the coronavirus. And Evolution Gaming noted that now the demand for their services has increased, but they still expect that the epidemic will hit their operations.