Zigzag theory for the play-offs

In the play-offs, the club that manages to inflict 4 defeats on its opponent is the winner. The developers of the theory advise to bet on the team, which loses the first play-off match. The losing club will prepare carefully for the second match, because with a 0-2 series score the strategic advantage is passed to the opponent, it is still possible to win back, but it is difficult.

Pair up opponents of roughly the same level. Ideally, the first two games are played at the home arena of the team that lost the first game.

The "Zigzag" hockey betting strategy is particularly well suited to the NHL, where there are many opponents of roughly the same level.

Long term betting strategy

One of the popular long-term bets is the tournament winner.

In many championships even the clear favourite will be outspent by the odds, allowing you to use the "fan" tactic effectively. To increase your success, wait until the third tournament, which will give you a better idea of what each winning club is capable of.

Both goals

Hockey matches are characterised by high scoring - both sides are active in scoring. Therefore, a "both goals scored" bet takes place in the vast majority of matches. The BC analysts see this dynamic and place a low odds. You should download the betwinner ios app for free to be able to follow their decisions.

For a single betting period, the odds for both goals are significantly higher, varying between 2.5 and 3.5.

When placing a bet on a match, it is better to use the "staircase" technique, choosing the matches carefully:

- 2 games in a row one of the clubs has not gone both ways, in the third match the team can safely bet on this option.
- In a face-to-face meeting, two strong middles, demonstrating high performance and not the most reliable game in defense, both teams are not in a game crisis.

If you're betting on a period, use the overtaking tactic. For a successful game, choose a club that scores a lot and concedes similarly, after waiting for a "both to score" in 3-4 consecutive periods, to bet on this option in the following periods.