Gaming consoles are still popular among gamers. The modern market is overloaded with a myriad of gaming devices, but what if you want to go back in time and play some old classic games? This is where Nintendo DS Roms that you can download from might come in handy. But first things first! Let’s take a closer look at one of the most legendary gaming consoles and find out how you can play all these old-classic games today. Get comfortable and have a look!

What’s Nintendo DS?

It’s an old classic gaming console that was released in 2004. The main reason why this gaming console was popular among players is the addition of two screens. Besides, a wide array of other features that made the gameplay even more exciting were also added. The console featured a powerful built-in microphone and a sensitive touch screen. All these enhancements made the gameplay more interesting. On top of that, the gaming console also supported WiFi with a range of up to 30 meters.

An improved version, Nintendo DS Lite, hit the market two years later. This device featured better dimensions and a brighter screen. Unfortunately, the latest versions of Nintendo DS had the protection of Homebrew software. Therefore, it is really hard to build a bug-free emulator that guarantees a smooth gaming experience.

What Are the Most Legendary Nintendo DS Games?

Now, let’s move on to discussing the best and the most popular Nintendo DS games that steal the scene:

  • Pokemon - Black Version;
  • Dragon Ball Z - SuperSonic Warriors 2;
  • Pokemon - Soul Silver Version;
  • Pokemon Pearl;
  • Mario Kart DS;
  • New Super Mario Bros.

We listed the games that have the highest rating among users, but this list is surely not full. 

This gaming console is not offered for sale anymore but this doesn’t mean you can’t access all these games. You still have a chance to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of old-classic games. You only need to have two tools - a Nintendo DS emulator and Nintendo DS Roms.

What Are the Best Nintendo DS Emulators?

An emulator is a must-have tool for all gamers that want to reveal themselves in the atmosphere of old-classic games. It’s a program that can be downloaded on absolutely any device and allows you to open old games on new devices.

However, it is really hard to find reliable tools that don’t have bugs. Remember that a trusted emulator has a wide array of positive testimonials, is very easy to use, and you won’t face any issues related to the installation. On average, the installation procedure takes a few minutes.

We made a thorough research and compiled a list of trusted emulators that you can download right away:

  • DeSmuME Emulator;
  • DraStic Emulator;
  • No$GBA;
  • DasShi ny;
  • DuoS Emulator.

After you download an emulator, it is time to choose ROMs that you want to open via this emulator. If you are currently searching for a platform where you can download a broad selection of Nintendo DS ROMs, you have to go to Here, you’ll undoubtedly find a wide array of old-classic games that you can download and start playing right away!

The world doesn’t stand still and new gaming consoles hit the market on an ongoing basis. But if you wish to go back to your childhood and play some classic games, you still have an opportunity to do this. Visit, download your favorite ROMs and find a suitable emulator (compatible with your operating system). That’s all! The world of retro games is on your device. Start playing right away!