If you are looking for a safe, secure, and easy payment method at online casinos, Revolut casino is a great solution for you. You can use Revolut casino at almost all online casinos today, you may not have seen this option as a payment method at the casino? There is a reason for this. This works as ordinary bank cards and you use the VISA / MasterCard solution easily and simply when you make both withdrawals and deposits with Revolut casino.

This is why many players choose to use their Revo card when playing both casinos https://onlinecasinospill.no/, odds, and poker online. You can use both your physical and virtual bank cards for both deposits and withdrawals. Everything works exactly as a normal VISA card would do, the only difference is that the money goes to and from your Revo account. Best of all? There are no fees or charges on your transactions. The money also goes directly into your account ready for use after withdrawal.

If you are one of those who like to play online: Odds, Casino, or Poker, this service is right up your alley. It is not always as easy to keep track of transactions back and forth from online casinos, poker sites, and bookmakers. In the app you can keep a full overview, in addition, it is the case that we who play a part online operate in several different currencies at all times. Revolut casino solves all these problems easily by offering you a clear banking solution, which allows you to store and exchange several different currencies with a keystroke from your mobile in your app.

When you deposit with Revolut casino, you must easily and simply use VISA / MasterCard as a deposit method. This applies to both virtual and physical cards. When it is time to withdraw your winnings, you simply use VISA / MasterCard as a withdrawal method, the money will appear in your account immediately after the withdrawal has been approved.

Revolut bank

Revolut bank is in short a digital internet banking solution that gives its customers access to both a website and an app to keep a complete overview of the economy. In many ways, a Revolut bank account is the only bank account one needs nowadays. You can create up to several accounts in several different currencies as well as switch seamlessly between currencies. There are many benefits to creating a Revolut bank account, you can look forward to the following, among others:

  • Exchange in more than 24 different currencies in the app at the market's best exchange rates.
  • Directly completed deposits and withdrawals on casino, odds, and poker sites.
  • Receive a VISA / MasterCard that you can use at ATMs, at payment terminals, or online.
  • IBAN transfers or bank transfers directly to bank accounts around the world.
  • Send money to or share bills with others who use the service.
  • Set up savings.
  • Get cashback and daily discounts with "Rewards", and receive rewards you need in: travel, restaurants and shopping, and more. Unlock new offers the more you use your Revolut bank account. Get cashback for every transaction.
  • Lost your card? Avoid card fraud by blocking or unblocking your card directly in the app, switching contactless payment, online payment, or ATM withdrawal on and off. You have control in Revolut bank 24/7 - 365 days a year.
  • Buying and selling cryptocurrencies.
  • Purchase and sale of shares.
  • Purchase and sale of raw materials (gold, silver,…)
  • Get benefits when you are traveling (travel insurance, cheaper hotels, car rental, etc.)
  • Everything is done via an app on the mobile. Fast and agile.

Revolut app - How to get started

It is very easy to use the Revolut app, and it is a much easier and faster process than creating an ordinary bank account with a traditional bank. You simply need a smartphone as well as the ability to deposit money into the Revolut app via a regular bank card. Safe inside the app, you get an overview of all your accounts as well as all transactions you make. To get started with the app, follow these steps:

  • Download Revolut app - Go to the app store on your phone and search for the app, download the app.
  • Set up an account - Set up an account with your phone number and a PIN of your choice.
  • Verify account - Submit identification directly inside the app, in a few hours you are verified.
  • Deposit money - Deposit money with a bank card or bank account of at least NOK 100.
  • You are now verified - Your account is now fully verified and you have activated your new account.
  • Order a bank card - You can now easily order a VISA / MasterCard and have it sent by post.