10 years of people power: Round 1 voting is now open until Monday 29th October!

Votes in this round will determine the final 10 nominees in each category.


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  • A Decade Of Drum&BassArena Awards

    The Drum&BassArena Awards are a genuinely unique occasion where everyone in the scene unites to celebrates and show love for the sound and culture that brings us together.

  • 100% Voted By YOU

    Music for the people, voted by the people. The Drum&BassArena Awards are completely voted for by the public. Show your appreciation, pledge some love and get involved or forever hold your peace when the results are announced.

  • Voting now open

    Round 1 voting is now open. Votes in this round will determine the nominees that go head-to-head in round 2. As always the winners are 100% voted for by YOU, so make yourself heard!