Best Newcomer DJ Etherwood

Balancing deep and delicate with rich dark heaviness, Etherwood’s selector skills have ensured his astonishingly rapid rise through the Hospital hero headliner ranks this year. One of two Drum&BassArena Award wins, if you’ve caught Etherwood live in action this year you’ll know exactly why he’s grabbed people’s attention!

Etherwood - Best Newcomer DJ - 2013
Visionobi - Best Newcomer MC - 2013

Best Newcomer MC Visionobi

Wilkinson’s MC of choice and a regular performer with the likes of Hospital, Ram Records, Shogun Audio, Critical and UKF, 2013 has seen Visionobi denting the most discerning corners of the scene. With a style that balances hosting with rhyming, his innate understanding of the music and art of DJing have ensured repeat bookings with everyone he works with.

Best Newcomer Producer Etherwood

Etherwood came correct this year with two major wins. Armed with an array of mesmerising melodic motifs, his unique production power is best experienced on his self-titled debut album. Further proof of his production skill could be found in the summer when Hospital boss London Elektricity fell off a stage jumping around to one of his tunes!

Etherwood - Best Newcomer Producer - 2013
Hospitality - Best Club Night 2013

Best Club Night Hospitality

A truly global force in D&B event culture, Hospitality continue to dominate the dancefloors with their meticulous attention to production detail and wide-armed line-ups that combine their own exceptional in-house talent and the very best guest DJs. Taking care of your every party need, the clue is in the title!

Best Festival Outlook

Sun-kissed Balkan bliss with added bass, Outlook Festival remains the Drum&BassArena fans’ favourite festival. With line-ups that explore every corner of bass culture’s vast musical menu, the annual event invites the most forward-thinking talent to its shores every August, joining exemplary dots between soundsystem roots and soundsystem bangers.

Outlook - Best Festival - 2013

Best Live Act Netsky

Netsky’s synth-strutting performances represent just how far drum & bass can be taken in a live environment. With full live instrumentation, killer guest vocalists and a wide range of styles, there is no better way to experience Netsky’s musical creativity… And no more deserving winner of this brand new Drum&BassArena Award category.

Best Music Video Wilkinson – Afterglow

Modern day romance broken down by numbers: the visual narrative to Wilkinson’s Afterglow explores passionate relationships in a way all of us can enjoy and identify with. Peppered with steamy sessions and emotional moments, this short movie has taken drum & bass video culture to a whole new level.

Wilkinson – Afterglow - Best Music Video 2013
Best Label - Ram Records - 2013

Best Label Ram Records

21 years deep and still forefront fresh: Andy C’s label continues to set the benchmark beyond high, pushing drum & bass to its creative limits. Continuing to sign and nurturing the scene’s most exciting new talent while developing some of the game’s biggest artists, Ram releases remain a by-word for D&B quality.

Best Track Wilkinson - Afterglow

Top 10-busting, sing-along anthem since the summer, Wilkinson’s infectiously hooky Afterglow was unavoidable this year. Charged with Wilkinson’s trademark full bodied production techniques and graced with Becky Hill’s commanding vocal skills, it represents D&B’s perfect dark/light balance potential.

Wilkinson - Afterglow - Best Track 2013
Camo & Krooked - Zeitgeist - Best Album 2013

Best Album Camo & Krooked - Zeitgeist

Their third full length artist album in as many years, Camo & Krooked defied all expectations with Zeitgeist. Adventurous, daring, and ultimately funky, the album surged the pair’s skills into entirely new pastures and sang to all corners of the D&B community and beyond. With a further award of Best Producer, it’s been an incredible year for the Austrian duo.


Since emerging with his soulful flow in the late 90s, Estate Recordings boss DRS has made a matchless impact on drum & bass MC culture. Whether you catch him alongside the likes of Calibre and Marcus Intalex, or experience his frontman skills with the unstoppable machine that is the Toddla T Soundsystem, DRS nails every performance with distinction.

Camo & krooked - Best Producer 2013

Best Producer Camo & Krooked

Double-award winning Camo & Krooked really have pushed themselves throughout 2013. Flexing their broadest soundset with demonstrative distinction, whether they’re repping a salubrious slap bass lick or a monster bass drop, Camo & Krooked’s understanding of studio science has been recognised and appreciated by the Drum&BassArena fans in a major way.

Best DJ Andy C

The Ram dynamo wins again! Retaining the Best DJ crown since the Drum&BassArena Awards began in 2009, Andy remains the peoples’ champion for another year running. Having reminded us of his industrial strength mixing skills with his recent Nightlife 6 collection, you have to wonder… Is he a man or a machine?

Andy C - Best DJ 2013
Dillinja - Hall of Fame 2013

Hall Of Fame Dillinja

Regarded as the most forward-thinking, agenda-setting producer drum & bass has ever spawned. Active in the game for over 20 years, to this day Dillinja remains one of the most referenced men in the dark art of production. His basslines are recognised as beyond-next-level and his muscular, mind-bending production dynamics inspired an entire generation of producers. A killer selector and a real life sonic scientist…. He’s been engineering bespoke soundsystems since he was 14, including the one and only Valve Soundsystem. Dillinja’s position in the Drum&BassArena Hall Of Fame is well deserved!